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So you thought teaching online was going to...

Allow you to quit your classroom job


Give you the freedom of working for yourself


Help you build your own schedule, take back ownership of your time, and make BANK


You did all the free platform trainings.

You watched all the YouTube videos.

You have been creating & scheduling classes for months now...

...but you still hear crickets.

I know you're feeling like...

  • You're a dedicated, motivated, and action-driven teacher...

  • but are hesitant to take any action because you're unsure of what will make you a successful online teacher

  • You have great ideas for fun and enriching online classes...

  • but you aren't sure how to effectively validate if they're in-demand with research-based strategies

  • You struggle with over-pricing or under-pricing your classes...

  • because you don't have a competitive pricing strategy to make you feel confident about your numbers

  • You're unsure the of best day or time to schedule your classes...

  • because you don't have clear scheduling strategies for a fully-booked roster

  • You have the skill and knowledge for teaching your content...

  • but you're not sure how to best present your qualifications & experience to attract ideal students & families

  • You're discouraged by low enrollments...

  • and want so badly to find financial stability as a successful online teacher

  • You're tired of second-guessing yourself & pivoting constantly...

  • and want to feel secure in an in-demand, research-based teaching niche that you LOVE!

  • You're frustrated about not gaining recurring students...

  • and want to inspire enthusiasm & long-term commitments from families who would be willing to enroll learners for ANY class you offer

    Imagine in just 8 weeks...

  • Feeling confident, excited, & motivated about your direction on the platform with a plan of action to scale to full-time

  • Feeling clarity in the process of experimenting, creating, & listing classes, equipped with researched-backed strategies that will help your listings gain saves & enrollments

  • Having a polished, professional, & well-branded Teacher Profile & Course Listings that represent you, a niche that you love, and the students you can best serve

  • Planning engaging classes that will blow your students away, increase your re-enrollment rate, & build a passionate & dedicated student base to work with long-term

let me introduce...

What's included in OTA?

Four 60 Min 1:1 Coaching Calls

Having 1:1 support as you learn & implement the strategies covered in the course content, it will be invaluable to have a coach for feedback on your ideas. Consider me your #1 cheerleader, ready to talk you through any struggles, doubts, questions, or concerns you have throughout our 8 weeks together.

8 Video Modules

These extensive course materials walk you through everything you need to know to strategically set up the foundations of your online teaching business to scale to full-time: from assessing your mindset, to conducting and analyzing your market research, to creating engaging classes and funneling-- we cover it all!

8 Module Workbooks

These workbooks will walk you through implement what you learn throughout our module videos. They're full of brainstorming sessions, questions to help you dig deep, exercises to research your niche, and more. These will be the key to truly taking action in your online teaching biz!

Tech Tutorials

Our ever-growing tech tutorials videos give walk-throughs on any tech questions you might have such as how to navigate the platform, equipment you need to teach online, basic editing in iMovie, creating resources in Canva, creating a coupon for your classes, how to find your QR code, how to read your stats, and more.

...and there's a bonus!

Bonus Module: Growth Strategies

You'll receive an entire extra module all about how to grow your online teaching business & make it scalable & sustainable long-term. We'll cover diversifying your income, offer suite, long-term planning, adding value, and setting boundaries.

what you'll learn...

 M1: Mindset + Organization

In this module we'll cover all things teacherpreneur mindset, goal setting, limiting beliefs, organization, and more to get you set up for success.

 M2: You, Your Niche, & ISA

We'll cover what a niche is and why you need one, how to find one that is based on your experience and education, and finally what kind of student you want to work with. 

 M3: Market Research

This stage is so important: validating your niche, your class ideas, and researching what is and isn't doing well in the market to assure that what you put up on the platform will set you up for enrollments in the best way possible. 

 M4: Class Creation

Time to create, create, create. In this stage we'll take all your ideas and research into play and put together in-demand classes. We'll talk planning, curriculum, tutoring, and more.  

 M5: Branding

Time to talk best practices for your Teacher Profile and Course Listings, as well as video marketing on the platform. We'll cover messaging, visual branding, and video recording and editing. 

 M6: Scheduling + Enrollments

We'll discuss my best scheduling & enrollment techniques, seasonal demands, external marketing such as FB, IG, & Pinterest, re-enrollment, reviews, and more! 

 M7: Engagement

The most important part of online teaching: engaging your students. I'll give my best tips for connecting with your students, checking for understanding, and building a classroom community.

 M8: Funneling

Time to find sustainability in your online teaching business, focus on re-enrollment, and build a funnel. We'll discuss what a funnel is and how to create one so you can create real, lasting relationships with long-term students. 

what my clients are saying...

During my time with Katie, I've learned so much about how to best present the skills & qualifications I have to parents & learners, and feel truly confident about the business I'm building! If you're on the fence about working enrolling in this program, listen to me when I say, it's the BEST investment you can make for your business...if I hadn't invested in learning from Katie, I would probably still be stuck, internalizing messages that its "too late" to make it on Outschool, and really not going in with the right mindset and attitude to create a successful online teaching business.

-- Cecilia Tamez

"[After working with Katie] I realized that despite my recent hard times I can take confidence in my success so far. It was just that I made a couple critical mistakes (scheduling, pricing, block text, leaving up 4 year old videos, editing class promos too long and slowly). Katie helped me get over my frustration and focus on concrete actions. I was able to go through a totally rebrand myself through my profile, class listings, as well as put a new class together. Katie helped me see myself in a new and appreciative way that can also connect with parents and students."

-- Walker Parrish

"Working with Katie was one of the best decisions that I made last year. She actually introduced me to Outschool and it has completely changed my life. Katie helped me to get focused, she helped me with my listings, to appeal to parents and students, how to play to my strengths as a teacher, what kind of classes would be best for me to offer. If you are on the fence, I say go for it. Katie is going to encourage you and help you and it has been an incredible experience for me working with her."

-- Tessa Valdez

"Katie helped me create a strategy to get started on Outschool. Not only does Katie have great advice, but she has the experience to back it up. You absolutely are missing out on a gold-mine of strategies and answers to the million questions you'll have when starting your own online teaching business."

-- Natassia Perrine

"Katie is an incredible and humble human being. [Working with her] has helped me tremendously on what my next steps will be...she makes you feel like a new friend, not just a client. I would recommend her to any new or old Outschool teacher hoping to grow their platform."

-- Amber Voeller

"After working with Katie, I had so much more confidence and clarity about how to grow, had actionable steps to achieve what I wanted to…I would just say that [working with Katie] is the single best decision I have made in my business to date."

-- Elizabeth Pope

OTA is right for you if you're...

  • The new online teacher who knows how to teach, but needs help and clear strategies for the business side of online teaching

  • The classroom teacher who wants to build an online business in order to leave the classroom and gain more freedom

  • The current online teacher who isn't seeing progress in their online teaching business and wants support reassessing & setting their biz up to scale 

  • You want to set foundations for your online teaching business that you are committed to pursuing long-term

OTA is NOT right for you if...

  • You don't have any teaching experience

  • You're not yet accepted to teach for an online teaching platform such as Outschool

  • You're not ready to go all-in and commit their time & energy to building an online teaching business

  • You want a magic potion or easy, quick fix to grow an online teaching business   

meet your coach...

hi, i'm katie!

I'm a full-time Outschool organization owner & teacher coach, here to help you build & scale a purposeful & profitable online teaching career that will support your lifestyle & passions. 

After quitting my public school job to travel the world & teach ESL online for 1.5 years, I dug myself into a huge financial hole & felt a complete & total lack of professional purpose.

In June of 2020, I started teaching guitar & ukulele online with Outschool, where I had a 5-figure months my second & third months teaching. I've since gone on to make over $100k on the OS platform & serve hundreds of incredible kiddos.
Now I'm on a mission to help other teachers do the same: to help them realize what they truly want, what they're really capable of, and to equip them with the tools, knowledge, & support they need to achieve it. 

take it from them...

-- Cecilia T., Outschool Teacher

-- Tessa V., Outschool Teacher

8 week program for online teachers looking to start & scale their online teaching through 1:1 support, learning + implementing proven business strategies, & laying the foundations to scale to full-time.